"John St. Augustine is brilliant in terms of creating production that gets across a message. His mentoring skills and coaching prepared me to go from surgeon to talk radio to television host. He is the best in the business." 

Dr. Mehmet Oz Host of "The Dr. Oz Show."

"John's media coaching has played a huge role in my success. He has a way of drawing out hidden abilities and talents I didn't even know I had that has made me a far effective communicator both on the platform and on television."

Jean Chatzky- Best selling author & Financial Editor "The Today Show."

"Creating something from nothing is no small endeavor. John has made a huge impact in the media with his innovative and visionary concepts that have set a new standard for excellence. His has the innate ability to coach everyone from top media talent to business executives to a greater level of effective communication."

Bill Kurtis- Host of "Decades" CBS and "American Justice" "Cold Case Files" "American Greed" A&E Network

"He has earned his success the old fashion way. Hard work, dedication to solid principles and a deep sense of what moves people. When it comes to creating media that makes a difference, John St. Augustine leads the pack as a coach and consultant, producer and talent."

Catherine Crier-Best selling author, award winning journalist and television host.