From a severe electrical injury that brought about a “near life experience” and ignited his sixth sense, to the recurring dream that changed the course of his life, best-selling author, award winning talk radio host and producer, internationally known speaker and TEDx presenter John St. Augustine, has been on an incredible journey.   

In Phenomena, he shares his most sacred moments, messages, memories, and other unexplained experiences from his life-long spiritual odyssey, that became guideposts to a higher calling. The desk drawer that revealed hope for a cure for brain tumors, the mysterious voice that spoke the name of a man who died tragically over a century ago, the burial ground of a powerful Native American chief, the little boy who passed away that had a message for his parents and the daughter that reached past the veil of death to ease the pain of her grieving father. 

This collection of true-life events, reveals profound life lessons that can be learned when we open up to the energy of the Universe, pushing the boundaries of your beliefs, leaving you with a greater sense of wonder, faith, and the absolutely knowing that we are never really alone.

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