Aurora Media Productions Team


John St. Augustine-Creative Director/Executive Producer. He started with five hours on radio-one hour a week for five weeks-with no prior experience in 1997 to "get it right". His talk show soon garnered a loyal listener base and would eventually expand into 80 markets. Along the way John earned a reputation as one of the premiere talk radio hosts in America for his intense delivery and interviewing skills. He created and hosted 6,500 episodes of the short form series "Powerthoughts" and a three-time winner of the Michigan Assn. of Broadcasters Best Talk Host Award. After seven years on the air, John put his microphone on hold and created the initial concept for "Oprah Radio" and in 2006 became the creator and Senior Producer of "The Dr. Oz Show", "The Jean Chatzky Show" and "The Bob Greene Show" on the Sirius XM channel. He was instrumental in guiding and coaching high level talent from the role of "guest" to "host" and "The Jean Chatzky Show" was the first Oprah Radio recipient of a coveted "Gracie Award". Dr. Mehmet Oz credits John with preparing him for the spotlight of television from their work on radio. He is the creator and Executive Producer of "Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis" radio show and hosts the weekly program, "Life Matters" on the CBS Play.It podcast platform. With thousands of hours in front of and behind the microphone along with two decades of television appearances and platform speaking, John is highly regarded for his professionalism, visionary content and project leadership.

Teresa Rodriguez-Business Manager/Project Coordinator. With a deep paralegal background and over fifteen years of handling media contracts, licensing and coordination of radio and television projects, Teresa brings a solid business foundation to the team. With over a decade at Harpo Inc. in the legal department, she has dealt with the pressures and pace that comes with high level media production and is well versed in the nuances of contracts, negations and bringing in projects on budget and on time.