"John was relentless in his ability to help me bring forth my first novel "A Fistful of Honey." His expert communication was a big part of the success of my book and when I was stuck in a corner, he knew exactly what to do to get me moving again. What an incredible experience and mentor."  Malena Crawford.



"I knew that it was time to put my journey into a book, but I am far from being a wordsmith. At our very first meeting John challenged me to use the difficult childhood I had growing up as the source of inspiration that would become the very foundation of my book "21st Century Dads" as it reflected the path I have been on for over twenty years with the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative. I wanted the book to be ready by Father's Day 2016 and in just five months John was able to gather my information and put it into the hands of a publisher and we achieved our goal. Truly an amazing experience." David Hirsch 



" I never thought my dream would come true. I started putting my thoughts on paper in 1967 when I was diagnosed with MS and over the next fifty years I was able to only come up with forty-four pages of a scattered story about my life growing up in Nazi Germany, making my way to America and battling this dreadful disease for half of my life. When I met John I knew he was the right man at the right time to help me tell my story "A Matter of Grace" to the world. Now at the age of eighty-nine, five decades after I began writing, with John's guidance and support..I am an author." Trudy Gronning.


“John St. Augustine is a flat out visionary genius when it comes to creating something from nothing. He came up with the idea of a ‘parable’ to tell my story and the book is already being compared to the best-selling ‘Who Moved My Cheese.’ John was a pro from concept to completion, from a blueprint to the actual publishing of ‘The Auctioneer’s Apprentice’ and I more than highly recommend his talents and dedication to the literary process.” Chad Coe

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John's international best-sellers "Living An Uncommon Life." (2007) "Every Moment Matters." (2010)